Seattle-Setu: Bridging Opportunities for Collaboration Between the United States and India

Posted: August 2, 2023

By: Seattle University RoundGlass India Center

Seattle-SetuThe strategic partnership between India and the United States to promote global security, trade and investment has never been stronger. Seattle-Setu showcases Seattle’s pivotal role in building economic and political bridges with India.

The conference will highlight the benefits Indian companies bring to Washington state’s economy and investments flowing from the state to India. Distinguished legal experts from both India and the United States will share valuable insights on facilitating cross-border business partnerships. Seattle has also become a center for philanthropic activities and leading social entrepreneurs from the region will discuss the social impact of their initiatives.

Thanks to a generous gift from the RoundGlass foundation, SU will also launch the RoundGlass India Center at the conference. The center will be dedicated to further strengthening business, education and philanthropy, and other collaborative efforts between Washington state and India.

For more information, and to register, please visit Seattle-Setu.