Online Workshop for Faculty: Writing for Wellness

Posted: February 5, 2024

By: Center for Faculty Development

Writing for Wellness: One Week of (Brief) Journaling to Launch a New Practice
Launch Sessions on Mondays: Feb. 12 or March 4
11 a.m.–noon
Via Zoom: Link provided upon registration

Facilitated by Colette Hoption (Center for Faculty Development)

The benefits of journaling have been documented in a variety of contexts including on college campuses, and in hospitals and workplaces. They include:

  • decreased anxiety,
  • increased awareness,
  • increased self-compassion, and 
  • increased prosocial behavior.

Especially against the backdrop of the COVID-19 pandemic, we are reminded about the importance of accessible, convenient, and sustainable practices that promote our health and well-being.

This timely workshop—set to run two more times over Winter Quarter—presents you with an opportunity to practice daily journaling for one work week. From this experience, you will discover whether and how an established routine for self-care during your workday can help you thrive in and outside of Seattle University.

What will we do?

We will kick off this workshop with a one-hour Zoom meeting to get to know each other; get acquainted with our Microsoft Teams community; and allot time for you to compose your first journal entry.

Thereafter, via Microsoft Teams, you will receive journal prompts for the rest of the work week, and regular communication from a peer to encourage your practice.

All journal entries are solely for your own self-reflection and viewing.

What is the (time) commitment?

The goal is to journal for at least 15 minutes a day for one work week. You can choose to keep a physical journal or an electronic one. For the duration of this workshop, you will use Microsoft Teams to view the day’s journal prompt and check in with a peer.

After journaling consistently for one work week, the hope is you’ll be closer to maintaining a practice for daily wellness.

How many opportunities are there to try out this practice?

The Center for Faculty Development will run this workshop two more times in Winter Quarter 2024. Each run welcomes a new cohort of participants.

However, you can register for both launch events, and rest assured that you will receive new journaling prompts each time because none of them will be repeated throughout the quarter.

Who is this workshop for?

Those who:

  • Desire a gentle introduction to a wellness strategy.
  • Benefit from a community to hold them accountable to their goals.
  • Need dedicated time for fostering mental wellness. 

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