MotMot Coffee Relaunches for the Holidays

Posted: December 7, 2023

By: Albers School of Business and Economics

MotMot Coffee holiday banner - croppedDid you know that SU has its own coffee brand? MotMot Coffee, led and run by Albers students, is back with new stock, a new team, and new packaging. You can order your bags on MotMot's website.

Since 2015, MotMot has been partnering with Nicaraguan and Vietnamese coffee cooperatives that foster economic, product and community development. Named after the MotMot, Nicaragua's national bird, MotMot is proudly Direct Trade. It pays premiums higher than Fair Trade and ensures a close, personal connection with farmers and co-op management. The beans are roasted in Seattle, packaged and sold to consumers and coffee shops.

Why MotMot?

When you buy MotMot coffee, part of the profits generated by your purchase goes toward a farmer's fund run by their partner co-op, Gold Mountain Coffee Growers in Nicaragua. The fund supports projects such as the installation of running water in schools far from utility grids, healthcare costs and access to education for the farmers' families.

And the coffee is delicious! Take it from SU President Eduardo Peñalver, a coffee connoisseur who roasts his own beans. After sampling it, he said: "Well balanced with a lot of dark chocolate, but it didn't taste smoky. Very nicely done."

If you're still looking for gifts for the coffee lover in your life, you can order a bag at