Introducing Academic Pathways Advising

Posted: June 6, 2023

By: Advising Services

Academic Pathways Advising Logo
Molly Cullen, Senior Director for University Advising, shares the following:

We are excited to announce the official start of Academic Pathways Advising (formerly Pre-Major Studies). Academic Pathways Advising (APA) provides a landing place for all undeclared students – those who have not yet chosen a major, those who transition out of a declared major and students who have a specific major in mind but have yet to complete requirements to declare. As part of this shift, we are discontinuing use of the term “pre-major” and will instead refer to students who access advising in the APA as undeclared students. 

Academic Pathways Advising reflects a more expansive approach to advising around the different circumstances of undeclared students. All students served by APA will receive academic advising in the form of course planning and registration support until they declare a major and move into their new school or college. Additionally, the Academic Pathways advisors will provide academic coaching and opportunities for personal reflection around each undeclared students’ unique interests, goals, and personal strengths. 

Undeclared students who are advised by Academic Pathways Advising will not be formally affiliated to a school or college, giving them maximum flexibility for declaring a major. Pre-Business, Pre-Science and Pre-Engineering students will still be admitted into Albers School of Business and the College of Science and Engineering, respectively, as declared pre-program students.

To learn more, please visit Academic Pathways Advising.