Feature Your Programming on the New Staff Learning & Development Intranet Page

Posted: October 18, 2023

By: Human Resources and the SU Staff Council Professional Development committee

As part of the launch of our new intranet, Human Resources has partnered with Staff Council to develop an online Staff Learning & Development hub for staff colleagues who are searching for development or learning opportunities, both on- and off-campus. This site will serve as a one-stop shop to link staff to department, office or organizational webpages, where they can browse current development offerings.

If you would like to have your area’s development opportunities featured on this new intranet site, please send a message to HRTraining@seattleu.edu. We will collect the responses and include them in our intranet build work at the end of this calendar year. We encourage you to consider creating a dedicated event/opportunities or programming page as part of your refreshed website as we prepare for the launch of the new campus website and intranet in the coming months.

While the new intranet site is under development, a selection of LinkedIn Learning Pathways and in-house training sessions will be featured on the EngageSU home page. Please visit EngageSU regularly to see what is offered.

If you would like your event featured on EngageSU or if you have questions about the new intranet site, please contact HR at HRTraining@seattleu.edu.