Campus Race to Zero Waste

Posted: January 30, 2023

By: Compost and Recycling

Campus Race to Zero Waste
What is the Campus Race to Zero Waste Competition? It is an eight-week recycling competition throughout February and March among colleges and universities across North America. Colleges and universities compete to see how well they are doing in their waste reduction efforts and gauge how they compare against other institutions.

Competition categories SU will participate in this year: 

  1. Diversion = recyclables, food organics and trash weights reported.
  2. Per Capita = combined amount of paper, cardboard, and bottles and cans on a per person basis.
  3. Food Organics = food waste and any organic materials handled alongside food waste reported. Organics generated in office and campus residential settings and special events can be included in addition to what is collected from dining facilities.
  4. Electronics = total amount of electronics donated and recycled during a one-month period.

SU’s 2023 competition goals: 

  1. Rank within the top five schools in the diversion category. Last year SU placed 9th in the diversion category and had a 63.3% diversion rating.
  2. Rank within the top 10 schools for special e-waste category.

For more information about the competition and other universities participating visit Campus Race to Zero Waste.

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