Audition for Theatre Program's Production of "Hookman"

Posted: September 14, 2023

By: SU Theatre Program

Auditions for the SU Theatre Program production of "Hookman" by Lauren Yee and directed by Sunam Ellis, will be held on Thursday, Sept. 21, starting at 7 p.m. Callbacks will be on Friday, Sept. 22. Auditions and Callbacks will take place in the Lee Center for the Arts on the corner of 12th and Marion. 

All students, faculty and staff are welcome to audition. Faculty and staff: please audition yourselves and share this with students who might be interested.

Please sign up for auditions by submitting this form.

Scripts will be available to check out in the FINR office starting Monday, Sept. 18. 

For more information, please contact production director Sunam Ellis ( or theatre program director Janet Hayatshahi (

HOOKMAN Summary:  

Freshman year at college is hard when your roommate is weird, you’re feeling homesick, and a hook-handed serial killer is slashing girls’ throats. But if Lexi can overcome what happened to her high school best friend on that car ride to the movies, everything will be okay. In this existential slasher comedy, Lexi and her friends learn what it means to grow up – and it’s not pretty. 

Character Breakdown: 

Lexi, 17, female. Freshman at UConn. An only child. 

Jess, 18, female. Freshman at UC Davis. Possibly Lexi’s best friend. Maternal. 

Yoonji, 18, female, POC. Freshman at UConn. Lexi’s roommate. Passive aggressive.  

Chloe, 18, female. Freshman at UConn. Carries a large thermos of coffee. Thrilled to be alive. 

Kayleigh, 15, female. Sophomore at West Porter High. On a quiet power trip. 

Hookman, old enough to be sketchy, male. Has a hook for a hand. Constantly looks hung over. The actor playing Hookman also plays: Sean, 20, male. Junior at DePaul University. Plays intramural baseball. May be a rapist. 

Adam, 21, male. Senior at UConn. Lexi’s residential advisor. The local pot dealer. 

Content Transparency: 

In this story, the writer includes content of sensitive nature including: 

Depictions of sexual activity, sexual assault and toxic relationships. Mentions and discussions of rape, sexual content, homophobia, misogyny, medical procedures and adult language. 
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