Message on Housing to First-year and New Transfer Students

July 29, 2020

Dear Students,

Hello … greetings again. This comes as a follow up to our email of last Friday, July 24.

You are receiving this message because you are a first-year or new transfer student with a completed and active Housing Application on file for Fall 2020. As such, you are afforded priority to receive a University housing placement – your timely response is required for the University to serve as many students as possible. Please respond to the below mentioned applicable action items by THIS Thursday, July 30 in order for us to advance to our next steps in our assignment process.

On-Campus Housing Option for Fall 2020

If you still wish to live on campus for Fall, there is nothing additional required on your part unless you decide to cancel your campus housing assignment. We have your completed Housing Application on file and will assign you a space on-campus by early August. More information will be sent to you regarding your Room Assignment and all other applicable information the first week of August.
Students with confirmed roommate groups will have the option to live with their confirmed roommate. Please take some time to discuss this option with your roommate. Once you decide on whether you want to live with your confirmed roommate or live in a single room, please follow these steps to indicate your decision:

1. Log onto the Housing Portal
2. Click on “Change Requests/Other Processes”
3. Click on “Fall 2020 First Year Supplemental Housing Form”
4. Open your Academic Year 20/21 Housing Application
5. Fill out the form and click “submit”

Here are some key points on this option:

  • The charge for a double, shared room for Fall 2020 is $2,660.00.
  • You and your roommate must BOTH agree to live with each other and BOTH of you must fill out the Supplemental Housing Form. If one roommate does not request to live with the other, both will be separated and placed in single rooms.
  • If one roommate indicates they want a single room and the other indicates they want to live in a double, both roommates will be placed in single rooms.
  • If we do not hear from you, you will be placed in a single room on-campus.
  • IMPORTANT: It is possible that your confirmed roommate in your roommate group will decide to cancel their Fall 2020 housing. If your roommate decides to cancel their Housing Application you will automatically be placed in a single room.

Please fill out the Supplemental Housing Form no later than Thursday, 30 July.

Single Occupancy for Fall 2020

This information is applicable if you decide to live in a single room or are placed in a single room.

The single assignment is for Fall 2020 only and your room configuration will likely change to double occupancy for Winter 2021 and Spring 2021 depending on demand.

Students who live in single rooms will be billed at the double room rate for Fall 2020: $2,660.00. This is the charge that will be added to your Fall 2020 SU account. Again, this room rate is only for your Fall 2020 assignment and may be adjusted with your room configuration for Winter 2021 and Spring 2021.

On the Housing Portal you will need to fill out the Supplemental Housing Form indicating your understanding of the single room process. Please fill out the Supplemental Housing Form no later than Thursday, July 30.

Cancellation Process for Fall 2020 Housing Application/Assignment

Be advised:

  • the Residential Live-on Requirement for 1st year and 2nd students is waived
  • Housing Application cancellations will NOT incur a financial penalty
  • students are NOT required to live on campus Fall Quarter in order to be eligible for Winter/Spring Quarter housing
  • students assigned to double occupancy and single occupancy spaces will be the same Fall Quarter rate - $2660.00

If you have decided that you will not be living on campus, please log onto the Housing Portal and submit a Housing Cancellation Request and follow these steps:

1. Log onto the Housing Portal
2. Click on “Change Requests/Other Processes”
3. Click on “Housing Cancellation Request” from the dropdown box
4. Fill out the form- for the “cancellation reason” please choose “online classes (Fall 2020)”
5. Submit the form when completed

The HRL office will work to process your request within 2-3 business days. However, due to the anticipated volume of cancellation requests, there may be a longer processing timeline. Please complete/submit the Housing Cancellation Request by Thursday, July 30, 2020 at 5PM PST. This deadline is very important to calculate the demand for Housing Assignments.

Winter 2021/Spring 2021 Housing

If you have decided to cancel your Housing Application for the 2020-2021 academic year but later decide you want to live on campus for Winter and/or Spring quarter(s), there will be a reapplication process required.

Please do NOT re-apply at this time as your re-submitted application will be mistaken for a Fall 2020 assignment. Once we are ready to collect applications for Winter and Spring 2021 quarters you will receive an email from our office.

Should you have any questions regarding Housing Applications or Housing Assignments, please contact our office. As always, we thank you for your patience as we navigate through this unique time.

Department of Housing and Residence Life Seattle University
901 12th Avenue, Campion Hall 100
Seattle, WA 98122