The MSAA and MPAC learning objectives are focused on your success. We will:

  • Extend your technical competencies in financial reporting and analysis, managerial decision-making, tax compliance and planning, and risk assurance and compliance testing.
  • Develop your leadership and cross-functional management skills.
  • Sharpen your essential professional competencies including: critical thinking skills, effective communication skills, ability to work effectively in teams, and data analytics skills.
  • Develop your awareness of the needs of communities beyond the boundaries of your profession.

On successful completion of this program, students will be able to:

  • Recommend a course of action to a prospective client by using a framework or model to analyze financial statements and other relevant data.
  • Evaluate the accounting implications of an economic event by applying the principles, standards, and practices of financial accounting.
  • Advise stakeholders of how strategic business risks relate to internal controls, financial reporting, tax, and/or audit using authoritative literature, fieldwork, surveys, archival, or other research data.
  • Synthesize accounting information within the context of other business functions to inform the business decision-making process.
  • Construct arguments for and against alternative accounting decisions by weighing the ethical, stakeholder, and stewardship implications of each.