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The Humanities for Leadership degree prepares graduates who are knowledgeable in a discipline of their choice but able to lead in a variety of diverse settings. Drawing from Jesuit principles, the Humanities for Leadership degree teaches students how to be discerning leaders, that is, leaders who know themselves, know their capacities, and know their limitations.

Students complete two internships: one local internship in the junior year and one international internship in the senior year. These internships give students the opportunity to apply their classroom learning to real-world situations and to bring examples back into the classroom for richer discussion and reflection. Upon graduation, students have been in real-life work situations that are tied to classroom learning and discussion which incorporate problem-solving and critical thinking.

Upon completing their degree, Humanities for Leadership graduates are able to:

  • Analyze the social factors—with a focus on class, race, or other salient identities—that impact cultures, organizations, and systems of power.

  • Compare diverse leadership theories in various vocational and avocational contexts.

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