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Audrey Hudgins, EdD

Clinical Professor


Audrey Hudgins CV (PDF)

Audrey Hudgins is a Clinical Professor in the College of Arts & Sciences at Seattle University. After retirement from the US Army as a strategic intelligence officer, she began a second career teaching for the Matteo Ricci Institute, International Studies program, and Political Science department. Dr. Hudgins has held a variety of faculty and staff leadership positions at Seattle University and has received awards in both roles. Dr. Hudgins is an advocate for the im/migrant community through accompaniment and volunteer work with migrant-serving organizations such as Kino Border Initiative.


  • EdD, Educational Leadership with a specialization in Non-profit Leadership

Courses Taught

Dr. Hudgins’s teaching interests include migration, leadership, and national security. Classes she teaches include “Perspectives on Im/migration,” "Understanding Leadership," "Global Poverty and Migration," “US-Mexico Border: Contemporary Perspectives,” and “National Security Seminar.” Her current research focuses on migration and community based global learning. She is presently co-authoring an article titled “La experiencia de trabajadores H-2A: Changes in lives through cohort circular migration” with Seattle University undergraduate students Cullin Egge and Abi Berhane, and co-authoring a chapter with Dr. Becky McNamara, Matteo Ricci Institute, on global experiential learning for the forthcoming book, Critical Innovations in Global Development Studies Pedagogy.

Dr. Hudgins is a scholar-practitioner who works alongside her students to support the research and information needs of local and global community partners, most recently Kino Border Initiative, a non-governmental organization engaging in migration justice; Fundación Esperanza de Mexico, a non-governmental organization focusing on community development; the Archdiocese of Seattle, in its work supporting immigrant communities throughout Western Washington; and in collaboration with Universidad Iberoamericana Puebla, Radio Huayacocotla, a Jesuit work facilitating a labor migration program in the state of Veracruz, Mexico. She also provides pro bono consulting services to a range of non-profits on matters relating to leadership, organizational development, and program evaluation.


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Hudgins, Audrey (2022) “What migration trends will Kino Border Initiative see in the next five to ten years? An analysis in support of the strategic planning process of the Kino Border Initiative (KBI)” for Kino Border Initiative, Nogales, Mexico.

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