Matteo Ricci Institute

Offering two Humanities degrees and a minor, with the purpose of forming more humane persons and to promote justice in our shared world.

Student-Centered Jesuit Education

Matteo Ricci Institute is a close-knit, vibrant community committed to academic excellence and to making every student as successful as possible. Our small classes ensure collaboration between students and professors and deepen students' understanding of their studies. Each of the three degrees is built on the humanities curriculum, a solid foundation for future studies that is rooted in 450 years of Jesuit tradition.

Built on the Strength of Jesuit Principles

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Educating the Whole Person

Like St. Ignatius, the founder of the Jesuits, we believe that a holistic education relies on personal attention and deep care. Fr. Ricci, S.J., the namesake of the College, was a 16th century Italian scholar in China who worked closely with the local people, learning from the Chinese while simultaneously sharing European ideas.

Drawing from the Jesuit tradition, faculty and staff in Matteo Ricci Institute work to make each student as successful as possible. While education is about what you know, it is also about who you are, and Matteo Ricci faculty strive to help students grow in both realms. 

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Our Degrees

Matteo Ricci Institute coursework and experiences develop students who are alert to their own cultural presuppositions, capable of self-expression, and involved in meaningful work.

A related objective is to keep alive the student-centered pedagogy of the best of Jesuit education through lively discussion in small classes, a curriculum centered on challenging questions, and close attention to individual students. The purpose of such an investigation is, above all else, to foster a life worth living through a deeper sense of one’s own person and connection with our global community.

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Concurrent Enrollment

For more than 20 years, Matteo Ricci Institute has been offering college courses in local Catholic high schools through our Consortium Program. College level courses are taught by qualified high school faculty under the supervision of Seattle University faculty. 


In partnership with the University's commitment to make college affordable for you and your family, the Matteo Ricci Institute has established two scholarship opportunities to support your educational goals. These scholarships can be used in addition to any other funding you may already have through the University's financial aid office. The following opportunities are available for students who are enrolled in one of the Humanities degrees.

This scholarship was established through the generosity of donors to honor the legacy of John F. Foster, S.J., co-founder of the Matteo Ricci College at Seattle University.

Amount Awarded: approx. $3,000

Number of Scholarships Available: 1

To be eligible for a scholarship, a student must meet the following criteria:

  • be enrolled as a full-time student at the University;
  • have completed at least one year of study within the Matteo Ricci Institute; and
  • demonstrate a high-level of academic achievement and engagement with their course work.

The Morgan Family Endowed Scholarship was established through the generosity of Michael A. Morgan in memory of his family and their commitment to education.

Amount Awarded: approx. $2,000

Scholarships Available: 1

To be eligible for a scholarship, a student must meet the following criteria:

  • Be enrolled as a full-time student at the University;
  • Preference given towards students enrolled in the Matteo Ricci Institute; and
  • Demonstrate financial need.

*Award shall be renewable contingent on student recipients continuing to meet the award criteria and making satisfactory progress toward degree completion, as determined by the University. 

Amount Awarded: up to $2,250

The Matteo Ricci Scholarship was established to provide scholarships to Seattle University Matteo Ricci students based on the following criteria:

  • Be accepted and/or enrolled as a student in the Matteo Ricci Institute;
  • Represent a historically excluded or marginalized community;
  • Demonstrate experiences that illustrate a commitment to community engagement and a just and humane world; and
  • Financial need as determined by SU's Office of Student Financial Services.

Length of Scholarship: Awarded yearly, students who have previously received the award can reapply.

*Scholarship recipients will be determined by a standing committee within the Matteo Ricci Institute

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