Program Summary

Minor Requirements

  1. Fill out a formal application through the Department of Modern Languages
  2. Completion of 35 credits in Italian: ITAL115-ITAL315. The student must maintain an overall average 2.00 (C) in the minor courses with no grade below "C". "P" and "S" grades are not acceptable.
  3. Consult with your minor adviser, if you have already had advanced language proficiency.


  • ITAL115Language I (5 credits)
  • ITAL125Language II (5 credits)
  • ITAL135Language III (5 credits)
  • ITAL215Language IV (5 credits)
  • ITAL225Language V (5 credits)
  • ITAL235Language VI (5 credits)
  • ITAL315Language VII (5 credits)

First year Italian

  • ITAL115 Italian Language I - Fall (5 credits)
  • ITAL125 Italian Language II - Winter (5 credits)
    • Prerequisite: ITAL115 or equivalent.
  • ITAL135 Italian Language III - Spring (5 credits)
    • Prerequisite: ITAL125 or equivalent.

The first year Italian at Seattle University provides a comprehensive introduction to spoken and written Italian. Three language classes per week gradually familiarize the student with grammatical rules and functional skills necessary to communicate. The students will develop an understanding of grammar and pronunciation through continual interaction with their instructor and each other, guided role-play, songs and games, oral and written exercises.

Second year Italian

  • ITAL215 Italian Language I - Fall (5 credits)
    • Prerequisite: ITAL135 or equivalent.
  • ITAL225 Italian Language II - Winter (5 credits)
    • Prerequisite: ITAL215 or equivalent.
  • ITAL235 Italian Language III - Spring (5 credits)
    • Prerequisite: ITAL225 or equivalent.

The second year Italian is designed for students who have successfully completed Italian 135 at Seattle University or the equivalent level at another university. The purpose of this course is to further develop the students' speaking, listening, reading and writing skills, as well as their knowledge of Italy's contemporary culture. The emphasis in this course is not so much on learning grammar (as a mechanical exercise) as on the active use of the language. In order to acquire the necessary knowledge of Italian grammar, idiomatic expressions, and vocabulary, students will explore readings, music, film, poetry, newspaper articles and the Internet.

Third year Italian

  • ITAL315 Italian Culture and Society - Fall (5 credits).
    • Prerequisite: ITAL235 or equivalent

An introduction to Italian culture and history with emphasis on the reality of today's Italy such as: the growing ethnic and cultural diversity, gender roles in society and in the family and the new economy. Course is taught in Italian.



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Grayson Martello-Livingston, Italian Minor

"There is so much more to experience, learn and enjoy as I continued to build upon the foundational aspects of not only the Italian language, but the in-depth culture I was exposed to this year! Furthermore, I wanted to shine a special light on the man who has  inspired and prompted me to discover further one of my true passions, which is my love of the Italian culture! As I continue to refine my skills day after day, it is evident Professore Giuseppe Tassone has been the most instrumental teacher I have ever had, and has continued to equip me with tools to open up the world of Italian to me on a much more expansive scale than I ever imagined was capable! My life will forever be impacted and changed in such a positive way because of this mans sheer ability to connect and reciprocate his passions to his students! My journey into deepening my understanding and love for this beautiful language and culture has just begun and I cannot wait for what’s in store in next! 

After completing almost a year of linguistic studies in the Italian language, my passion for the Italian language/culture has grown exponentially. I am currently in the process of planning an abroad trip to study in either Sorrento or Taormina in the spring of 2019! If not for the fantastic support and guidance from my family, Professore Giuseppe Tassone, and the wonderful community at SU, none of this would be possible!"

Kyla Cantillo, Italian Minor


"Studying the Italian language at Seattle University was an enjoyable experience and a wonderful introduction to the culture. These Italian courses helped me a great deal when I studied abroad in Italy and gave me the necessary foundational knowledge to succeed there. While living in Turin, I was able to communicate with locals and practice my language skills and now I can speak Italian proficiently. Italian is a beautiful language and I loved studying it here at Seattle University.  I would recommend our Italian language program to anyone looking to learn a language and have fun while doing so."