About the Degree

The Master of Science in Kinesiology is an integrated study of movement encompassing the physiological, mechanical, and behavioral aspects of physical activity. Students have the option to pursue a research track or a clinically applied track.

Graduates within the research track will experience data collection, analysis and interpretation, often out of the lab and within real-world settings. Students can pursue further graduate training such as advanced study at the doctoral level, admission to allied health professional programs, or medical school.

Graduates pursuing the clinically applied track will be prepared to sit for the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) Clinical Exercise Physiology certification exam, and they will be qualified to consult on exercise-related research, public health and policy making, and other clinical and non-clinical services. Students will also be able to work in medical and allied health settings to manage cardiac and pulmonary risks, training, and rehabilitation.

Program Snapshot

  • 48 credits
  • Full time/2 Years
  • Cohort style with fall quarter start
  • Hybrid delivery
  • Research and clinically applied tracks

Learning Outcomes

  • Synthesize advanced knowledge in the field of movement science
  • Critically evaluate and integrate current research in the field of movement science
  • Establish evidence-based practice to develop, assess, and prescribe health/exercise/sports interventions for research and general community.
  • Effectively communicate scientific principles and findings from the field of movement science to both peer and non-peer audiences
  • Demonstrate professional behavior consistent with discipline, including a) an understanding of the societal and individual importance of a healthy, active lifestyle, b) adherence to professional ethics, c) service to others, d) shared responsibility and successful collaboration with peers, and e) commitment to lifelong learning

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