The graduate program in Kinesiology is an integrated study of movement encompassing the physiological, mechanical, and behavioral aspects of physical activity. The curriculum includes lectures and laboratory courses, seminars, independent study, and mentored research.

The curriculum consists of a set of 6 required core courses (30 credits) and either a thesis (for the research track) or a capstone project (for the capplied track). The remaining 18 credits may be taken from the list of electives provided below. The program may be completed in two years by taking classes during the Fall, Winter, and Spring quarters. Please note: some electives offered outside of the department may only be available in the Summer quarter.

Research and Applied Data Science Tracks

Kinesiology Program Offerings Grid

Learning Outcomes

  • Synthesize advanced knowledge in the field of movement science
  • Critically evaluate and integrate current research in the field of movement science
  • Establish evidence-based practice to develop, assess, and prescribe health/exercise/sports interventions for research and general community.
  • Effectively communicate scientific principles and findings from the field of movement science to both peer and non-peer audiences
  • Demonstrate professional behavior consistent with discipline, including a) an understanding of the societal and individual importance of a healthy, active lifestyle, b) adherence to professional ethics, c) service to others, d) shared responsibility and successful collaboration with peers, and e) commitment to lifelong learning

Core Requirements

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Program Electives

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