Tom Hove, BSW Social Work, '17

Veteran Reintegration

Through the mentorship of SU professionals, Tyrone Brown and Dr. James Willette, I was provided the opportunity to advocate and implement long-term changes across campus that supported our student-veterans, active duty military students, and their dependents. This healing experience eased my transition from the Navy and showed me my career path.

Tom Hove, BSW Social Work, '17 U.S. Navy Veteran, Americorps Veteran Navigator
James Willette, Ph.D.

Abating Food Insecurity

A student visited our office to ask for help with food security – not for the student herself but for her infant twins. This student was trying to maintain a full-time job and be a full-time parent who needed formula to feed her kids. We were so happy to be able to provide a month’s worth of formula to help her through the month so that she could focus on doing well during exams.

James Willette, Ph.D. Dean of Students, Seattle University
Kristen Howard, '18

First-Generation Success

My experiences as a student leader on campus have helped me connect and build relationships with members across the Seattle U community. As a first-generation college student, going into the world of higher education was daunting but my leadership roles have helped me connect with peers and mentors that provided me with the tools to persist academically and balance the responsibilities of being a student leader.

Kristen Howard, '18 BSW Social Work
Jessica Ortiz, '21

Creating Community

Before coming to Seattle University, I heard about each of the offices but I just didn't know which ones would be best for me. However, resources such as The Outreach Center have made me more confident about my first-gen identity by helping me to meet and connect with other first-gen individuals. I learned that even though offices are made to serve specific populations, they all share the same goal - making sure that students receive the best possible experience.

Jessica Ortiz, '21 B.A. Accounting