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Stories of Impact

Emergency Gap Funding

For students who have exhausted all resources available to them, $100 can make the difference between having materials to actively participate in class and not having the needed resources for success. For other students, it can cover basic needs so they can remain enrolled in school.

Expand and Deepen Access

With a mission rooted in social justice, we are particularly attentive to under-represented and under-resourced students. Help provide a targeted net of support by expanding resources to increase retention, graduation rates and sense of belonging.

Success and Engagement Programs

A sense of belogning and purpose is crucial to student academic and personal success. Support programs that integrate competency-building experiences with academic learning, such as the 300+ student-led campus clubs and organizations.

Covers a graduate's cap & gown

Allowing another a student to participate.

Supports the mentor program

Launching Fall 2018.

Supports wrap around programming

Skill building, resource training, etc.


Saoirse Jones

Director of Development

(206) 296-6403