Mentor FAQs

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You've got questions?  We've got answers!


What is the commitment?  How long would I mentor?  How many students?  

We ask that mentors work with one student through their first academic year at SU through the program.  At the conclusion, we hope many mentoring relationships have become organic and will evolve into a less formal, but continued connection.  Resources will be provided on how one might facilitate that transition.

What is expected? 

We ask that you meet with your mentee twice in the first three weeks of their first quarter (most students enter in Fall quarter, but some mentees will join the program during Winter quarter), and then communicate once every two to three weeks either in person, or by email, text, or phone.

How do I sign up?  How do I learn more?

Please contact for more information on how to volunteer as a mentor!

What resources are available? 

Mentors will have access to ongoing training through the year, an online resource guide, and opportunities to connect with other mentors and student/mentor pairs through small groups and events. Additionally, through the monthly mentorship newsletter, we will provide regular content and topics you may want to consider discussing with your mentee based on time of year, context, and development.

What if I can’t be a mentor all year? 

If you will be gone Fall, but here Winter and Spring, that is easy to accommodate, as we hope to match students entering in Winter and Spring quarters.  If you will be gone another quarter, please contact and we'll explore options.

What research are you referencing? 

In addition to other literature, a study by Gallup Purdue found that college students who have a mentor in college are 2.2 times more likely to be engaged meaningfully in their careers as alumni, and 1.7 times more likely to thrive in six dimensions of wellness.