Graduate Program Contacts & Academic Support


Graduate students take their studies seriously and we are here to help. Explore academic and program resources that will help you start each quarter ready for academic challenges and growth. 

Graduate School ContactsReach out to your program for questions about advising, registration, and program requirements. Contact information for each graduate program can be found at the bottom of each program page. 

Advising: To find out who your graduate advisor is, log in to Student Planning, advance to Go To Plan and Schedule, advance to Enable Registration and your advisor will be listed. Reach out to your advisor and set up a time to meet with them. 

Registrar: Explore this page and call or email the registrar for questions about class registration, withdrawal, transcripts, student records and grades. 

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CanvasCanvas is Seattle University’s Learning Management System—this is where you will find information about each class that you are enrolled in. It will contain your syllabus, professor contacts, weekly class assignments, and a contact list of students in your class. Spend some time to get familiar with it before classes start. 

Academic Calendar: Graduate and Law School students can plan ahead for the start of each quarter, and note deadlines for dropping classes with full refunds, as well as withdrawing without penalty. 

Bookstore: You can rent or buy textbooks at the Campus Store, and get some trendy SU swag. 

MySeattleU: Bookmark this site to easily get to all of your student records and accounts including where to register and track your progress (Student Planning), pay your tuition (Student Accounts), and monitor your financial aid. 

Student Planning: Bookmark this page to search for classes, add them to your planner, register, and track your progress to graduation. 

CatalogChoose the Graduate Student catalog on the right side and use the search tool on the left to search for classes. 

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Lemieux Library: Graduate students can find textbooks on loan, get personalized research help, borrow Chromebooks and hotspots for the quarter or year, and meet with study groups or find a quiet room to work. Check out the annual Inclusive Excellence Summer Reading list! 

Media Production Center (MPC)Located on the first floor of the Lemieux Library, the MPC and Recording Studio offers graduate students the tools, training, and space to create multimedia productions, documentaries, sports highlight reels, slide shows, graphic animation, digital art, original movies, music videos, and music composition. 

Tutoring/Writing SupportLearning Assistance Programs offer graduate students support via individual consultations and learning assistance and time management workshops. Some tutoring is available, however, graduate students will do best to work with their professors and peers on higher-level concepts. 

Research OpportunitiesReach out to your professors and graduate program to find out about research opportunities in your field. The Graduate Student Council offers conference funding to qualified applicants. 

Transcript RequestsYou can order your transcripts to be sent electronically to other institutions or yourself. 

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Bias/Harassment ReportingSeattle University takes accusations of bias, harassment, discrimination, and retaliation seriously. Links to contacts and forms can be found on this page. 

Grade and Academic Support Grievance Process: Seattle University strives to provide graduate students with an exceptional educational experience. If we fall short, students can request a review. 

Seattle University Governance: Graduate students can learn more about the leadership at Seattle University and stay informed about university decisions.