Commuter Link Mentor Program

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The Commuter Link Mentor program is an initiative that aims at achieving three goals:

  1. To create a meaningful relationship with a member of the commuter student community
  2. Act as an access point to university information and key resources that are not as readily available to commuter students
  3. Support the development of Collegia Advisors in their role as commuter advocates and student leaders

First-year and sophomore commuter students are paired with a Collegia Advisor. 

Who Is Your Collegia Advisor?

Pairing with Collegia Advisors is alphabetically by first name.

First-Year Commuters

  • A-L
  • M-Z

Sophomore Commuters

  • A-L
  • M-Z

Contacting Your Collegia Advisor

Stop by The Commuter Link to get in touch with your Collegia Advisor or email us at