Building a Capsule Wardrobe

A capsule wardrobe is a great way to minimize the amount of clothing in your closet and also hone in on your specific style!

What is it?

A capsule wardrobe is a collection of 30-40 clothing items that you wear in a specified period of time. A common set of rules that people go by is 33 items over 3 months, and then you swap the capsules out by season!

This wardrobe is intentional, interchangeable, versatile, and practical. It reduces fashion waste and decision fatigue!


As long as you follow the main idea of having 30-40 items over a specified period of time, you are building a capsule wardrobe! You can adjust the rules a bit to make it work for you.

Select 2-3 items from each clothing category (e.g. tops, jackets, sweaters, pants, shoes, etc.)

What's not included: underwear, lounge wear, workout clothes, and sentimental jewelry!

Questions to Ask Yourself

The questions you ask yourself are kind of similar to if you were simply just spring cleaning your closet!

When was the last time I wore this item? Has it been over a year?

Do I like how I feel when I wear it?

Does it fit the rest of my day-to-day style?

A fully versatile capsule wardrobe is a sustainable solution that deals with impulse shopping and reduces fashion waste because you end up wearing everything you own for a longer period of time.

Wonder Wardrobe

Want to learn more?

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