What Is Student Success and Outreach?

The Student Success and Outreach (SSO) staff is committed to helping SU students leverage the skills and communities they hold to craft an experience that fulfills their definition of success. Our staff promotes undergraduate and graduate student excellence and persistence to graduation through campus leadership, veteran benefits, peer coaching, and student support programs. Our goal is to acknowledge the diverse identities of each student, provide space for communities of support and challenge students to unleash their leadership potential to position them to thrive at our university and beyond.

Our operations are located in Pigott Pavilion 150, however the spaces that we oversee for students span the campus including The Links Program, the ConnectSU Hub, and The Outreach Center.

SSO originated in 2017 to provide students with academic support and co-curricular engagement in managing the transition to Seattle University. Since that time, SSO has grown to include an array of support resources made available to all students.