Seattle University requires all matriculated undergraduate students provide proof of immunity to Measles.

No other immunizations are currently required.


To meet the requirement of proof of immunity to measles:

  1. Documentation with evidence of two doses of measles vaccine at least 28 days apart at 12 months of age or older


  2. Blood test result showing immunity to measles (rubeola not rubella)

Where do I send my proof of immunity to measles?

  • Access the Patient Medical Portal at
  • Enter immunizations AND upload all relevant documents 
  • Include your name, student ID number and date of birth on the documents you submit.   


FAQ's about Immunization requirements

What do you accept as documentation?

Copies of immunization records or lab results from your doctor’s office, immunization card, military records or high school records. Many of you may be unaware that your high school already has this information and is an excellent resource for obtaining these records. We also accept Yellow Cards from international students. You may also submit a form completed by your Healthcare provider: Immunization Record Verification by a Health Care Professional

What if I can’t get onto the patient portal?

If you have any problems with the upload you can mail, fax, email or deliver in person to the Student Health Center. 

Address: 1111 East Columbia, #107 (Bellarmine Hall), Seattle, WA  98122-4340
Fax: (206) 296-6089

What if my first MMR vaccine was before I was 12 months?

Then you will need a 3rd MMR shot. 

I know I received the MMR vaccine but I can’t find the documentation, what can I do?

You can have your blood drawn to look for immunity to measles, mumps, and rubella. Or you can take the vaccines again.

Can I get the MMR vaccine at the Student Health Center? 

Yes, if you are enrolled at Seattle University you may receive your MMR vaccine at the Student Health Center. We are unable to bill insurance but can provide you with a receipt to submit to your insurance company. The cost is $95 per shot (2 shots total to be given 1 month apart). You can also receive the vaccine at your local health providers’ office or many insurances allow you to get the vaccine at a pharmacy.

How can I be sure my records were received?

Once your records are reviewed you will see “Verified” next to your vaccine dates on the patient portal.

I entered my vaccines, why does it still say “Not Verified”?

  • You may not have correctly uploaded your documentation. Click on Print History and if there isn’t “Immunization record listed” on the sheet we have not received your documents.
  • You may have only one MMR and need proof of the second MMR
  • The Student Health Center (SHC) may take up to 2 weeks to verify your records. If it’s been more than 2 weeks since you entered your information and you’ve verified that you enter both MMR’s and immunization record is listed, please call the SHC to find out what’s missing.

How do I submit an Immunization Waiver?

Please complete the following document with your Healthcare provider: Immunization Exemption Form