Michael J. Quinn, PhD,

“Our college is a hub of innovation, where we are focused on providing every opportunity for tomorrow’s innovators, problem-solvers, scientists and healers.”

Michael J. Quinn, PhD, Dean of the College of Science and Engineering
Tudi Le, '19,

"I chose Seattle University because my education is one of the most important things to me and I believed that attending SU would offer me the exact undergraduate experience I sought when applying to college. I wanted to go to a school that would help focus my studies and extracurriculars and encourage me to work hard and build myself into a better student and person. Seattle University’s dedication to education, leadership, professional and spiritual development, and service makes me proud to be an SU student."

Tudi Le, '19, Cell and Molecular Biology
Jean Jacoby, PhD,

“We no longer have to persuade women that they can be computer scientists, engineers and scientists. Our numbers show that we are heading in the right direction: 42 percent of the faculty and 43 percent of the students in our college are women. Our students have opportunities to network with professionals, perform research, and take on challenges assigned by industry.”

Jean Jacoby, PhD, Associate Dean of the College of Science and Engineering
Inaara Bhola, '20,

"I am proud to be a student at Seattle University because this university allows me to feel at home with the small community around me. From the first day I stepped into the Seattle University campus, I felt a very heart-warming environment with faculty that genuinely cared for its students. Seattle University has provided me with the opportunity to be successful as a first-generation college student."

Inaara Bhola, '20, Biochemistry
Dominic Burgi, '19,

"I chose Seattle University because of its great location, its strong electrical engineering program, and its Jesuit mission. I knew when I was choosing my university that I wanted to go to a school that truly did educate the whole person. Seattle University has helped me grow as a person as well as an engineer, better preparing me in every way for my future."

Dominic Burgi, '19, Electrical and Computer Engineering