Transfer Students

Internal Transfers

The Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering welcomes transfer applications from other colleges and universities. The Civil and Environmental Engineering Student Handbook (linked below) contains detailed information on transferring into the ABET-accredited BSCE degree program, particularly sections 6.2 (Off-Campus Transfer), and 10 (Transfer Credit). Some of the details are highlighted below. It should be noted that admitted students typically have grade point averages (GPA's) significantly higher than the minimum GPA established for eligibility.

Contact the Science and Engineering Advising Center at (206) 296-2500 if you have questions about transferring into the program or visit the Transfer Admissions website for university-specific information regarding transferring from other institutions.


Off-Campus Transfers

If you have prior post-secondary educational experience, you may apply to enter the Civil and Environmental Engineering program directly by submitting an application to the Admissions Office. Be sure to specify Civil and Environmental Engineering as the intended field of study.

Minimum qualifications for admission to the Department are an overall grade point average (GPA) of 2.5 or better on a scale of 4.0 and a composite GPA of 2.5 in all of your technical courses. The technical courses include all mathematics, science, and engineering courses that you have taken. In both cases, the GPA calculation is based on all courses that are transferable to Seattle University regardless of whether or not they apply to the BSCE or BSES degrees. The decision to admit off-campus transfers directly into any program within the College of Science and Engineering is made by the Associate Dean.


Transfer Credits

Upon admission, transfer students receive a degree audit that indicates the number of transfer credit granted. A few courses from the other institutions (school specific) may not be applicable to the BSCE or BSES degrees at Seattle University, particular in few mathematics, science, and engineering courses where course contents may differ. Community college specific Transfer Guides list Washington state community college courses and their Seattle University equivalent.

Transfer Students