Two individuals conversing on sectional chairs in the front of the bellarmine advising center

The Office of Student Persistence is here to support students to and through Seattle University. We play a critical role in supporting students at Seattle University in financial education, self-advocacy skills, and academic success. We want to promote belongingness on campus and have an open space for all students at SU to feel welcome. We provide opportunities for engagement through one-on-one appointments focused on their success. In collaborating with campus partners, student academic persistence identifies and removed institutional barriers to empower students to attain their educational goals and maximize their personal and professional development. We believe persistence at Seattle University happens as a team and we hope students will feel welcome to connect with us before, during, and after their time at Seattle University.

Ways We Can Help:

StudentsFaculty & Staff
  • If you're struggling to pay for college
  • If you're experiencing difficulties registering for classes
  • If you're finding the transition to college to be more difficult than expected
  • If you're looking for social, financial, or academic resources
  • If you don't know where to go
  • If you have academic or financial concerns about a student
  • If you encounter institutional barriers to student success
  • If you would like to consult in how to support students experiencing difficulties