Office of Multicultural Affairs
Social Justice Trainings

Social Justice Trainings

  • About Our Trainings

    The Office of Multicultural Affairs also offers workshops and trainings focused on raising awareness, cultural sensitivity, and knowledge of equity issues. Previous topics and/or areas of focus include:

    • Moving from Multiculturalism to Social Justice
    • Maintaining Wellness in Social Justice Work
    • Starting Conversations around Issues of Diversity and Multiculturalism
    • Asian American History
    • Understanding White Privilege
    • Coalition Building
    • Cultural Sharing
    • Dialogue Facilitation
    • Conflict Mediation around Culturally Sensitive Topics
    • Social Justice Leadership Development
    • Understanding Isms
    • Privilege & Oppression
    • Case Study Analysis
    • Bystander Response – Ally Development
    • Serving Queer and Trans Communities within a Social Justice Framework
    • Key Concepts for Ally Development

    Interested in LGBT Trainings? Some of the topics we train on include:

    • Introduction to Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Issues
    • Introduction to Transgender Issues
    • Understanding Gender Identity & Sexuality
    • Serving Queer and Trans Communities within a Social Justice Framework
    • Providing Transgender Inclusive Services
    • Creating a Body Positive Shame- Free Environment
    • Using a Harm Reduction Approach
    • How to Transform Health & Mental Health Services to be Inclusive of LGBT Clients
    • Sex and Sexuality Training for Social Workers
    • Creating a Welcoming Work Environment for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Employees


    If you are interested in requesting a presentation or training, please contact complete the inquiry form found here.

    Please include: Date/Time Request, Location, Learning Outcomes, Length Requested, #of Participants and any other information that would be helpful to the presenter/s.

    **Please note: OMA requires a minimum of 3 weeks to prepare trainings**