Training & Development

About Our Trainings for Faculty, Staff, and Students

OMA supports critical learning on diversity and inclusion. We are key campus partners for education focused on raising awareness, cultural sensitivity, and knowledge on equity issues. Potential focal areas for workshops and trainings include:

  • Increasing awareness of cultural histories and perspectives
  • Understanding structural inequalities and oppression
  • Exposure to minorities experiences and narratives
  • Ability to name –isms and their manifestation from an individual to societal level
  • Deconstructing systems of privilege
  • Developing skill sets for critical thinking, dialogue, and advocacy related to social justice

We are available for referrals, consultations, and content facilitation for faculty, staff, and students. To request our support and/or expertise, please email us at and include the date/time, location, learning outcomes, participate number, and desired length. We need at least 3 weeks prior notice to process your request and ask you to complete an intake meeting with an OMA staff member.