Volunteering Opportunities


The SU Food Pantry has over 100 users that come to utilize the resource each week. Given our limited staff and resources, volunteers are always welcome to help with our operations!

Any student, staff, or faculty is welcome to volunteer. A typical volunteer "shift" is only an hour. We do not take larger groups; at most, only 1-2 volunteers are needed on a given day.

Volunteer Duties

The SU Food Pantry usually needs assistance with the following:

  • Organizing and restocking the pantry inventory
  • Fulfilling pantry order bags
  • Bagging/portioning food items such as rice, beans, etc.

There are also opportunities, given the person's interest, background, and experience, for bigger projects that can range from assisting with marketing and outreach for the Food Security Initiative, data and assessment, and SNAP education.