Meet the Staff

Photo of Michelle Minjoe Kim-Beasley

Michelle Minjoe Kim-Beasley

B.A. in Criminology, Law, and Society
M.A. in Higher Education and Student Affairs

Director (she/her/hers)

Phone: 206-296-6078

Building/Room: PAVL 180B

Michelle joined the Redhawk family in July 2012 and has called Seattle "home" since then. Seattle is a special place because it's where she met her husband and welcomed their first baby. Michelle is a 1.5 generation Korean immigrant. Though born in Korea, she refers to the Bay Area as her hometown. Michelle is a first generation college student (first in her family to obtain a college degree in the U.S.), having earned her B.A. in Criminology, Law and Society from University of California, Irvine. She is also an alum of The Ohio State University where she received her M.A. in Higher Education and Student Affairs. 

As the Director of OMA, Michelle continues in her mission work of creating space (systemically, spatially, and emotionally) for all voices to be shared, heard, and valued on this campus. She believes in the work of reconciliation and the power of narratives; that in sharing stories, we can complicate our understanding of the ‘other’, undo assumptions, and build new and healing perspectives. Her passion for the work of student affairs is rooted in empowering students and providing direction and accountability for their growth. 

In her free time, Michelle enjoys napping and eating good food with family and friends. She also loves dogs, donuts, and watching youtube videos.

Photo of Ashlee Day

Ashlee Day

B.A. in Philosophy

Assistant Director (she/they)

Phone: 206-296-2644

Building/Room: PAVL 180C

Ashlee started at Seattle U in Fall 2019, and this first year has definitely been unprecedented but also very fulfilling. Ashlee was born in Long Island, NY, but she was raised in the Atlanta area, and although she has relocated to the West Coast she still goes back East to see family and friends when she can. They are a proud women's college graduate, and received their B.A. in Philosophy from Wesleyan College in Macon, GA.

Prior to working at Seattle University, she spent the last five years working in education in Tacoma, WA for a community based nonprofit. She also spent two years as a Program Coordinator at the University of Puget Sound's Center for Intercultural and Civic Engagement. It is in these roles that she developed her passion for facilitating conversations about identity as well as the value of learning in community with others.

As Assistant Director, Ashlee hopes to promote a culture of curiosity, generosity and inclusivity on Seattle University’s campus by engaging with students, faculty, and staff in the ongoing work of equity and inclusion. In this work, she believes in leading by example, regularly engaging in learning and reflection for herself, following the philosophy of Adrienne Maree Brown, which encourages us all “to see our own lives and work and relationships as a front line, a first place we can practice justice, liberation, and alignment with each other and the planet.”

She is always up for conversation about pop culture, food, or the latest book(s) she read.

Photo of Karina Saunders

Karina Saunders

B.A. in Spanish
M.Ed. in Student Development Administration

Assistant Director (she/her/hers)

Phone: 206-296-6074

Building/Room: PAVL 180D

With a Brazilian father and proud New York Puerto Rican mother, Karina grew-up in a lively LatinX family in New York City. Karina first discovered she was “East-Coast” when moving to Seattle in 2014. She loves connecting with people and sharing stories of home, food, and the things that make people come alive.

She holds a Bachelors in Spanish from Davidson College in NC ( Go Steph Curry!), and earned her Masters of Education in Student Development Administration from Seattle University.  Before joining the OMA family, Karina worked for over three years as the Assistant Director of SU’s Fostering Scholar’s program, where she hosted supportive, creative spaces for community and connection for students aging out of the foster care system. Before joining the higher education field, Karina worked in various non-profits in Washington D.C. and Seattle which focused on education around hunger and homelessness and facilitating service-learning through immersive relational experiences.  As an Assistant Directors at OMA, she hopes to build bridges for deeper connection, and closer community while strengthening the campus’ Food Security Initiative.

Karina is passionate about running, about the ways food can create community, pizza (well all food really), and celebrating all of the glory found in the mountains.  When she’s not as SU, she’s likely engaged in some combination of the above with her husband, her son, and her dog.

Photo of Myrella (me-ray-ya) González

Myrella (me-ray-ya) González

B.A. in Education, Communities, & Organizations with a minor in Diversity

Graduate Program Coordinator (she/her/hers)

Phone: 206-220-8440

Building/Room: PAVL 180

Myrella is a first-year in the College of Education’s Student Development Administration (M.Ed.) program. She completed her bachelor's at the University of Washington and fell in love with the city of Seattle and student affairs. Myrella was born in Wenatchee but raised in the agriculture town of Dryden, WA. Both of her parents are Mexican immigrants, her mom is from Zacatecas and her dad is from Zacatecas and Jalisco, and they both work hard in seasonal agriculture jobs. She identifies as a first-generation college student, Latina, from a migrant farmworker background, and the youngest of three.

With her identities and background in advising and student support services, she plans to work in the field of college access, success, and retention. Therefore, working for the Office of Multicultural Affairs is an exciting step towards exploring the field of student affairs. In this position Myrella plans to help create a safe and welcoming environment for students to feel belonging on SU’s campus through storytelling, sharing snacks, and offering a space to listen to anyone that wants to be heard.

In her free time, Myrella enjoys spending time with friends and family, whether that be in person or via facetime. She also enjoys reading Mitú articles, taking buzzfeed quizzes, dancing, listening to music, and dog watching from her window.

Photo of Ariele Grande

Ariele Grande

A.A. in Liberal Studies
B.A. in Communication with a Professional Certificate in Business Management & Leadership

Graduate Program Coordinator (she/her/hers)

Phone: 206-296-6269

Building/Room: PAVL 180

Ariele is a first year graduate student in the Student Development Administration program. She identifies as first generation Pilipinx-American/Asian American, first generation college student, demisexual and womxn of color. During her undergrad at SDSU, she was heavily involved in the Asian American Pacific Islander campus community and is passionate about AAPI issues such as dismantling the Model Minority Myth and breaking through the Bamboo Ceiling. She views education as a form of resistance, which is what drives her to work in the field of Higher Education and Student Affairs.

As one of the Graduate Program Coordinators, she hopes to create safe and healing spaces that center womxn of color, QTPOC, and LGBTQIA+ identifying students,  as well as brave spaces to support, encourage and challenge students in their identity development, leadership, social justice activism, and unlearning internalized beliefs. 

In her free time, Ariele is always thinking about what food to eat next and answers to existential questions (ie: is fate predetermined or do you determine your own fate?). She also loves dogs, organizing, office supplies, COFFEE, musicals and memes.

Photo of Zyaire Cheatham

Zyaire Cheatham

Office Assistant, Food Security

Zyaire Cheatham is a second-year creative writing major student from Tacoma, Washington. She recently got involved in helping to create and maintain the Food Security Program at Seattle University. Her job includes staffing the food pantry, handing out dining cards, and teaching students and faculty about the reality of food insecurity on SU’s campus and ways to help and support the SU community. She advocates for the accessibility of being able to get healthy, fun, and culturally sensitive foods for all SU students. Working as an Office Assistant in the Food Security Program has taught Zyaire the privilege of being able to have and enjoy foods, and she wants to continue to dismantle this privilege so that every SU student can succeed.

She is a mentor for the Connection Leadership Program helping to cultivate relationships and mentor students of color in the SU community. As a student of color, she wants them to embrace their identity and thrive at Seattle University.

Zyaire enjoys going home on the weekends to spend time with her family and her beloved pets. Her hobbies include writing short stories, binge-watching Law and Order: SVU, and going on long drives with her younger sister.

Photo of Nick Andino

Nick Andino

Office Assistant (he/him/his)

Nick is a second year sociology major with a possible minor in social work from San Francisco, CA. He is an only child as well as a first-generation student. Before his first year, Nick joined the Connections Leadership Program which was a program for committed leaders of color ready to effect sustainable change. Nick has found support through the Outreach Center and his coworkers at OMA in times of need. Nick currently works as an office assistant for the OMA office and as a first-year Residential Advisor in Xavier.

Nick enjoys traveling around Seattle, finding concerts to go to and going to the S.U. basketball games throughout the winter. Nick is interested in starting a Students of Color space on campus to add another safe space. Nick hopes to work with his team and supervisors to help create impactful forums, events, and talks for the campus community.

Photo of Jaymark Abendanio

Jaymark Abendanio

Office Assistant (he/him/his)