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The Office of Multicultural Affairs plays a critical role in supporting intercultural learning and development at Seattle University. We encourage students to increase their awareness of self and others, and their role in co-creating a more inclusive campus culture by creating an environment that promotes curiosity and learning. We provide opportunities for engagement through a variety of programs and services focused on amplifying the voices of those historically minoritized, interrogating dynamics of power and privilege, and pursuing social justice. We also believe learning and growth happens in community. We hope all students will choose to connect with us during their tenure at Seattle University.

OMA is continuing to monitor the spread and impact of COVID-19. To best care for our community, the OMA staff will continue to work remotely until further notice. We will continue to provide meaningful programs and avenues for connection and learning, VIRTUALLY! 

  • Information about Fall 2020 programs and events can be found on ConnectSU (join our page) or on Instagram (su_oma).
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  • If you would like to meet with an OMA staff member (whether to chit chat or to discuss a concern/need), schedule a meeting through Bookings.
  • The SU Food Pantry remains open and operational!

[June 2020]

Over the last few months, our world has endured much collective chaos, stress, and trauma. This pandemic has challenged our creativity, strength, and resiliency. In many ways, we have seen the beauty of community - people coming together to support family, friends, neighbors, and strangers in a time of great need.

And. This pandemic did not hit “pause” on the ugly, the hateful, and the violent ways racism runs rampant in our society. We cannot ignore the xenophobic attitudes and actions towards the Asian-American community that have harmed real people and businesses. And we cannot condone the continued policing of black and brown bodies and the senseless murders of unarmed black people.

In our mourning, we believe it is important to remind our community that we cannot and do not align with hate, bigotry, violence, and racism.

To our black students, staff, and faculty, we offer these words to you:

For the exhausted, we embrace you.

For the weary, we weep with you.

For the angry, we fight with you.

For the hopeless, we hold you.

For all of you, we see you.

We see you and we love you.

Because your life matters.




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