Clapp Scholar Profiles

The 2014-2015 Clapp Scholars

L. Meaghan Bogart

Hola!  My name is Laura Meaghan Bogart and I am currently a junior here at Seattle University.  Here at SU I am majoring in International Studies and Spanish with a minor in Business Administration.  I was born and raised in Portland, Oregon and will always consider the Pacific North West my home.  I am a very active person and use running as not only a way to relieve energy, but also explore new places.  I have traveled to multiple cities now in both Nicaragua and Mexico for service, research, and study opportunities. Each time I have gone abroad, I am reminded of the immense impact exposure to a new culture can have on a person.  Being able to connect with someone who has a completely different background from my own and learn from them has become my favorite part of traveling. Looking into the future, I hope to do more research regarding migration within Latin America and its effects on families. Thanks to my time at SU and this scholarship, I have been able to strongly continue with my studies and dream big when it comes to traveling and my goals for the future. 


Dylan Gnatz 

Originally from Boulder, Colorado, I’m currently in my third year studying Marine and Conservation Biology at Seattle University. I entered SU as a philosophy major and was briefly considering switching to English, before deciding that I wanted to pursue a career in the natural sciences. I’ve now settled into the Biology program, and I couldn’t be more satisfied with my choice of studies. In addition to my classes, I TA for molecular biology, and am currently assisting Dr. Kristin Hultgren on her Synalpheus snapping shrimp research. I’m passionate about the intersection of ecological and humanitarian issues, and how human livelihoods are affected by environmental degradation. As such, I’m an active member of the SU Sustainable Student Action club, and work on media outreach for the fossil fuel divestment campaign. In my free time I enjoy going to local concerts, which I write about for our student radio station, KXSU, as well as reading and photography.


Anna Pickett 

My name is Anna Pickett and I am from Los Gatos, CA. I went to Archbishop Mitty High School in San Jose, CA and I am currently a Spanish and Humanities for Leadership double major specializing in Equality Rights and Advocacy. I was born a bilateral upper extremity amputee, which means I was born without either of my hands. Being born this way has made me very passionate about disability rights and perception. This experience with my academic experiences have helped me realize my passions and my dedication to disability advocacy and international service. I was able to go to El Salvador during my junior year of high school and this past summer I was lucky enough to be able to travel to Nicaragua. This latter trip has led to further opportunities in the country. I will be spending 10 weeks this upcoming summer in Nicaragua in an internship at a school for with students with disabilities. These experiences have and will shape my views on international service. Ultimately, my mission in life is to change the way people view disabilities in order to create a more open and inclusive world.


Claire Rawson 

I am a Social Work major and Spanish minor from Hood River, Oregon. My hometown has a prominent Latino population, so I have had the privilege of growing up surrounded by the vibrant Mexican culture with a profound respect for the immigrants who have risked everything for family. Because of the influence this culture has had in my life, I plan to specialize in immigration and refugee social work in Seattle and on the US/Mexico border. While at SU, I have had the joy of tutoring at Bailey Gatzert Elementary, volunteering at El Centro de la Raza, and serving at Cathedral Soup Kitchen. This Spring Break, I am taking part in a service trip to New Orleans with a group of SU students, working on rebuilding houses still devastated from Hurricane Katrina. Next fall I plan to study abroad in El Salvador for four months, working on my Spanish and learning more from a culture I love and respect. My time at SU has been formative and has helped me to grow in many areas of my life, and I am very grateful for the community that I have found here that continues to support and inspire me.


The 2015-2016 Clapp Scholars

Marley Bredehoeft

My name is Marley Bredehoeft, and I'm a sophomore Biology major and Theatre minor from Littleton, Colorado. Even though Colorado is home, I've found a new and fantastic niche here at Seattle University. Attending Seattle U has given me the chance to pursue a variety of my passions, and the ability to have so many incredible experiences I wouldn't have anywhere else. My ultimate goal is to become a trauma surgeon and volunteer with Doctors Without Borders to help those with limited access to healthcare, while also writing plays. Beyond the classroom, I'm an active member of the Seattle U community, serving as the Quadstock Co-Chair on the Student Events and Activities Council, a Redhawk Ambassador, a carpenter in the theater tech shop, and a member of the SU Club Volleyball team. I also love classic novels, green tea, animals, and traveling.


Marthadina Russell

Hi, my name is Marthadina Russell, and I’m a sophomore International Studies major at Seattle University. I grew up in Newberg, Oregon, and am now studying in Washington due to my extreme love of the Pacific Northwest! On that note, I’m a big nature fan, so I love hiking and jogging on the Northwest trails. I also love playing the piano, reading books, and pretending I’m a student at Hogwarts. But my biggest passion, and the inspiration for my major, is language and culture. I find the study of cultures around the world to be extremely fascinating, and particularly the conflicts that arise when one culture’s values clash with another’s. For that reason, I hope to have a career in international affairs, and I dream of working one day as a war mediator. Next year I plan on studying abroad in France (I might choose to double major in French) and the year after I hope to study abroad in North Africa or the Middle East. I’d really like to learn Arabic! Maybe I’ll study the effects of the Arab Spring on Tunisia, or Qatar’s education system. Either way, I’m very excited for whatever’s ahead.


Aidan Avery

My name is Aidan Avery and I am currently in my second year at Seattle University. This year I declared a double major in Psychology and Philosophy. Prior enrolling at Seattle University, my interest in humanitarian work originated from the use of art as a humanitarian tool. I first had the opportunity to apply this concept in 2013, when I directed a documentary film set in an impoverished village in Ghana, Africa. The entire humanitarian-artistic process, working abroad, as well as the responses I’ve received since the film’s completion have all made for a highly valuable and affirming experience for me. Now, I am at Seattle University to further expand myself in this direction. During my search for my majors I discovered that I am very drawn to thinking about the way others think. With this in mind I have recently been eagerly exploring such topics as how humans function individually and in society, how we deal with loss and experience trauma, why we feel guilt, and many other topics. Moving forward, I am excited to combine these newfound interests with my love of art and international work. I anticipate that the future will provide opportunity to use art not just as an educational story-telling tool, but also as a means for providing therapeutic help and an outlet for expression.


Maggie Dunphy

Hello! My name is Maggie Dunphy, and I am originally from Billings, Montana. At Seattle University, I am studying Humanities for Teaching and Spanish with hopes to be an elementary school teacher in the next few years. I would love to teach in the Seattle area and potentially abroad in a Central or South American country for awhile. For the last two years, I have worked at Bailey Gatzert Elementary, helping in daytime classrooms and teaching in the first-grade after-school program. I believe there is no one more influential than an effective, compassionate teacher, and I hope to use my energy working with kids as my primary humanitarian tool. Aside from teaching, I love spending time with friends and family, hiking, watching football, playing tennis, and traveling. I hope to complete my final teaching practicum in Nicaragua next winter, but if not, I will go abroad somewhere in Latin America this summer! Regardless of how my plans unfold, I’m just looking forward to the adventure.


The 2016-2017 Clapp Scholars

Evelyn Chow

Hi! My name is Evelyn and I'm a History and Philosophy (with an emphasis in Law, Ethics and Justice) double major with a minor in English Literature. I am currently a second year at Seattle University from Honolulu, Hawaii.  In addition to my classes, I am the SGSU At-Large Representative, an executive for the Seattle University Philosophy Club, a University Honors Program representative on the Student Executive Council for the College of A&S, and I participate in intramural sports. As a first-generation queer woman of color, I grew up trying to come to terms with my intersectionality and the many issues surrounding specifically the LGBTQ community, and in doing so, have discovered my passion for working towards enacting positive change in the community. As such, I plan on going into law and plan on one day becoming a federal judge. 


Bailey Bryant

My name is Bailey Bryant. Originally from Los Angeles, California, I am currently studying Political Science with a Legal Studies Specialization as well as pursuing a double major in Public Affairs here at Seattle University. Having traveled often as a child and young adult, I am passionate about different cultures and places and genuinely gaining an understanding of the people and places that I encounter. As I’ve gotten older, my passion has expanded to include an interest in the political structures in place within certain areas of the world and how those leaders, policies, and cultures interact and affect the individual people living there as well as the role of certain governments in participating in and/or providing international humanitarian aid. Having traveled to so many different places, such as Australia, Ethiopia, Sudan, and Europe, I believe it is important to find ways to provide aid to people in need internationally, while still allowing unique and vibrant cultures to be lived out and embraced as they are. In my free time I enjoy writing, running, reading and planning for the future.


Claire Lucas

Hello! My name is Claire Lucas and I am originally from Forest Grove, Oregon. I am currently pursuing a double major in Psychology and Theology and Religious Studies. Currently, I am working as an Academic Mentor at Washington Middle School working primarily with sixth grade students. Additionally, I work as one of two Student Campus Ministers for Social Justice in Campus Ministry. I am fascinated by Catholic Social Teaching, Ignatian Spirtuality and Discernment (particularly as a means for social action), immigration, education and the overall intersection of faith, justice and humanitarian work. I love going on walks with friends and family and reading. I am incredibly grateful for the support and opportunities provided to me at Seattle U, and am constantly inspired by the students, faculty and staff that I learn with in this place. 


Emi Wheeless 

Hello, my name is Emi Wheeless. I am a second year Humanities for Leadership major, also pursuing Political Science and Music minors. I graduated from Archbishop Mitty High School in San Jose, CA, but I've always considered Seattle home. I currently work as the Student Engagement and Development intern at APACEvotes (Asian Pacific Islander Americans for Civic Empowerment), which is an organization dedicated to encouraging the civic engagement and participation of the local AAPI communities. After graduation, I hope to serve with Peace Corps, AmeriCorps, or Teach for America, as well as continue my work with non-profit organizations. Not only would I love to serve and learn from underserved communities, but I believe that it is important for people in power to have real life experience with the communities that are affected by the decisions they make. I wish to use the knowledge I gain from these experiences to guide and shape my future career in politics. Outside of academics, I am highly involved in the arts on campus. Along with being an active member of two University choirs, I am also the president of Seattle University's a Capella group, Unauthorized to Harmonize. In my pursuit of both music and politics, I aim to build long lasting relationships with people from all walks of life through a common purpose.