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Support for Students Impacted by the Crises in Texas

Written by James Willette, Ph.D.
February 21, 2021

Dear Students:

I write to express Seattle U’s support for those impacted by the ongoing weather-related crises in Texas. Our thoughts are with all of those who are currently experiencing power and water outages, food shortages, and exposure to dangerous conditions.  We are keeping our students and their families from the Lone Star State in our thoughts and hope for a speedy resolution and recovery process. For students and their families who are impacted by this crisis, there are several support resources available at Seattle University, including: 

Housing & Residence Life (206-296-6305)

For current residential students from Texas, your building Area Coordinator, Assistant Area Coordinator, and RAs are great resources for additional support and care throughout the year.

Campus Ministry (206-296-6075)

Campus Ministry provides an open and hospitable community to gather in friendship, conversation, discernment and understanding of what one’s purpose is in life, regardless of one’s faith background. You can access support through Campus Ministry by calling 206-296-6075.  

Counseling & Psychological Services (206-296-6090)

CAPS provides group and individual psychotherapy for students and referral services for those requiring specialized longer term care (note that currently Counseling & Psychological Services can currently serve in-state students through telemedicine only. Referrals for out-of-state students to providers in their local areas are also available). These services are provided free of charge to enrolled students. Visit the Counseling & Psychological Services website or call 206-296-6090 for more information. All clinical services are confidential.  

Student Health Center (206-296-6300)

The Student Health Center offers several medical services for enrolled students at a low cost. 

Student Success & Outreach (206-296-6333)

Student Success & Outreach provides resources, spaces, and programs for all students, and especially adult learners, first-generation students, graduate students, students who commute, students who transfer to Seattle U, and veterans. The Outreach Center can also assist in identifying off-campus sources of support for food, transportation, and other basic needs. We acknowledge and affirm our community’s multiple intersecting identities, including low-income, international, undocumented and DACA, and graduate students. Visit the Student Success and Outreach website or call 206-296-6333 for more information. 

Office of the Dean of Students (206-296-6060)

The Office of the Dean of Students is available to offer support and to help students identify on- or off-campus resources that may be helpful during this difficult time. Limited financial assistance may be available for those needing to replace basic school supplies, personal care items, identification cards, and other smaller items. For students who may need to miss classes because of these events, the Office of the Dean of Students can help to facilitate communication with your college and faculty. Call 206-296-6060 to schedule a meeting.

Our thoughts are with all of those affected by this crisis and we hope that you and your families are safe. Please let us know how we can help and support you during this difficult time. 


James Willette, Ph.D.
Associate Vice President & Dean of Students