Flexwork During the Month of January

January 13, 2022

Dear Staff, 

With input from Staff Council, we are writing to all staff to follow up on and clarify a message on flexwork during January that was sent to supervisors yesterday. 

As it relates to flexwork and indeed all aspects of learning and working at Seattle University, the wellbeing of our entire campus community is paramount. Even as we all strive to serve and create the best possible experience for our students, it is equally important that we do all we can to care for our staff and faculty. This is particularly critical during the month of January as we simultaneously respond to the needs of our students and those of our staff and faculty. Supervisors, therefore, are encouraged to accommodate to the greatest extent possible requests from staff to work remotely through Jan. 30 as classes are primarily remote while maintaining a high-quality student experience. 

As we have learned over nearly two years, there are many job functions that can be performed very effectively in a remote mode. Of course, for some a virtual option is not possible due to the nature of the work, yet even in these instances supervisors are encouraged to explore with their staff opportunities for flexibility (e.g. staff rotations, shifting work hours, etc.). As shared yesterday, the university is making high-quality masks available for staff in frontline roles. 

Looking beyond Jan. 30, our Staff Flexwork Program will continue on a pilot basis through winter quarter, and the learnings from this period will help shape and inform a permanent staff flexible work program for Seattle University. As we undertake that review, we will be particularly attuned to the goal of ensuring that like roles are treated equitably.  You can read more about the program at Staff Flexwork

Thank you for all you do to serve our Seattle University students and community—we are deeply appreciative. We are particularly grateful to those of our colleagues who are continuing to work on campus and provide services that are essential to operating our university.