The Fellows of the Albers Center for Global Business are distinguished by their focus on global business in their research and teaching. Tenured faculty members in the Albers School are eligible and appointed by the dean and the co-directors of the Center to three year terms. Fellows from outside Albers with outstanding global business credentials will also be considered. The Fellows convene to discuss the global business environment, the direction they think the Center should take, and ideas on how to achieve its goals, in addition to evaluating the curriculum for our international business programs and driving its assurance of learning processes. Current Fellows of the Center for Global Business

David Arnesen, JD
An authority on international ethics and cross-cultural issues in negotiations.

Vinay Datar, PhD
An authority on China IPOs.

Ben Kim, PhD
An expert on e-business and international practice.

Quan Le, PhD
An expert in globalization, corruption, and capital flow in emerging markets.

Simon MacKinnon, MA, MS
A China and Asia expert in building new businesses, investment, and private equity.

Madhu Rao, PhD
An authority on outsourcing, globalization and security, global technology management. Led study tours to China and India.

David McHardy Reid, PhD
An authority on business development in Asia, China in particular.

Meenakshi Rishi, PhD
An expert on corruption and capital flows, Indian banking, and offshore outsourcing.