Seattle University Artist Assistantship Program

The Artist Assistantship program is an incredible paid opportunity for undergraduate students to work one on one with professional local artists in their studios. This program allows students to take advantage of hands-on learning with artist mentors while familiarizing themselves with the rich cultural and artistic assets in the Greater Seattle Community. 

We hope the assistantship will give you what you can’t get in a classroom setting –

  • Experience of the day-to-day workings of an artist’s studio,
  • Knowledge of all the different kinds of work an artist does –
  • Making, Storing or Shipping work,
  • Writing grant applications
  • Archiving work,
  • As well as incidental conversations about practical things or about creative ideas both big and small!


This is a unique opportunity for artists to have paid studio assistants and to mentor undergraduate students as they gain experience in an your studio.

Artist Requirements: Minimum of 4 hours a week per quarter working with student on a specific project, artistic mentorship, willingness to let student document their experience for educational and promotional purposes, end of quarter evaluation of student’s work/learning, post-assistantship survey. 

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Student Assistants

We want you to learn about artists’ experiences and how they got to where they are.

Many students are intimidated by the transition from school to the real world and this is magnified by the uncertainties of and lack of a clear path towards becoming an artist. We want to encourage you to pursue your creative ideas, but also to have some practical experience and mentors to guide you.

Student requirements: 4 hours a week per quarter, documentation of and reflection on work in the studio for SU website and blog, end of quarter evaluation and post-assistantship survey.

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Students are asked to document their work in the artists' studios and reflect on their experience. You can find out more about what our students are doing and about the artists who have participated in this program on our blog.

Artist Assistantship Blog