Math Minor

Specifics about the Math Minor

A minor requires a minimum of 30 credits of Math including:
MATH 1334 or 1332
MATH 1335
MATH 1336
At least 15 credits of MATH numbered 2310 or higher

Typical options for meeting the 15-credit requirement:
MATH 2310 (5 credits)
MATH 2320 (3 credits)
MATH 2330 (3 credits)
MATH 2340 (4 credits)
MATH 3000 (5 credits)

Other upper division math courses can be used to complete the minor, but may have one or more of these courses as prerequisites.  The specific selection of courses depends somewhat on the student's interests, so it may be best to discuss the options with an advisor or the Math Chair. Up to 15 credits, including courses taken elsewhere and AP or other exam credit, can be transferred to meet these requirements.

Here is a link to our course descriptions for more information: Academic Catalog Course Descriptions

Here is a link to the official page that describes the minor: Academic Catalog Math Minor Requirements