ECE Seminar - Graduate School Panel

SU Alumni who are attending grad school will present and be on a panel about grad school
September 18, 2020

Graduate School: Selecting, Applying, Thriving

A Panel Discussion with: Mirka Mandich, Carrie Smith, Marvin Karugarama, and Sara Beery

Tuesday, September 29th, 12:30-1:20 (Pacific)

Come join the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department for a panel discussion about thegraduate school experience. Our panel guests are all SU ECE Alumni who have gone on to graduate school. Marvin Karugarama completed his MS degree at the Virginia Polytechnic Institute and isa Senior Engineer at Commings Inc. Mirka Mandich is in the middle of her masters degree at the University of Tennessee. Carrie Smith is working full time at Stryker as a Senior Electrical Design Engineer while pursuing a masters degree at the University of Washington. And Sara Beery is on the homeward stretch of her PhD at the California Institute of Technology and has had internships with Microsoft and Google. So these SU Alumni have a wide variety of experiences to share with you! You’ll get to hear about their research and work in their fields. They will share tips on selecting, applying, getting in, and being successful in grad school, as well as answer your questions on the grad school experience.