Post-BA EdS

The School Psychology program offers a 90-credit Post-Bachelor’s program, which leads to the Educational Specialist Degree (EdS). All Post-Bachelor’s Degree students are required to complete a 1200-hour internship. Upon satisfactory completion of the program, the student is eligible for Washington state ESA certification and national (NCSP) certification. 

Foundational/Beginning Courses (27 credits)

  • COUN 5610 Counseling Children and Adolescents
  • EDUC 5000 Introduction to Educational Research
  • EDUC 5110 Child Development (or Lifespan Dev)
  • EDUC 5200 Social Justice in Professional Practice
  • SPSY 5040 Advanced Counseling for Diverse School Populations
  • SPED 5420 Language, Literacy, and Number Assessment
  • SPED 5400 Intro to Special Education and Learning Disorders
  • SPED 5430 Positive Behavior Support
  • SPSY 5020 Counseling Theories/Skills for School Psychologists
  • Elective

Discipline-Specific/Advanced Courses (42 credits)

  • SPED 5410 Multicultural/Multilingual Issues in Learning
  • SPED 5450 School Consultation and Intervention
  • SPED 5460 Advanced Behavioral Intervention
  • SPSY 5010 Roles and Functions of School Psychology
  • SPSY 5030 Applied Educational Psychology
  • SPSY 5050 Applied Educational Research in School Psychology
  • SPSY 5370 Social Emotional Learning and School Reform
  • SPSY 5600 Ethics and Law in School Psychology
  • SPSY 5620 Family/School Collaboration
  • SPSY 5630 Linking Assessment to Instruction
  • SPSY 5640 Individual Educational Assessment
  • SPSY 5660 Individual Intelligence Assessment
  • SPSY 5670 Personality and Behavior Assessment  

Field-Based Integration Courses (18 credits)

  • SPSY 5700 School Psychology Practicum I*
  • SPSY 5710 School Psychology Practicum II
  • SPSY 5720 School Psychology Practicum III
  • SPSY 5800 School Psychology Internship/Seminar I*
  • SPSY 5810 School Psychology Internship/Seminar II
  • SPSY 5820 School Psychology Internship/Seminar III

Elective Course (3 credits)

Minimum credits required for degree:  90

Applicants who have completed a bachelors degree in psychology or sociology that included multiple courses in statistics and/or research can request to waive EDUC 5000 Introduction to Educational Research. Upon admission, these students should submit transcripts to their advisor in order to be considered for this waiver.