Resources for Parents and Supporters

Resources located on and off campus that may be particularly helpful as you support your student with disabilities.

Seattle University and Disability Services are responsible for ensuring equal opportunity, but your student is responsible for their achievement. We cannot promise every student will succeed, but we are committed to ensuring that your student has equal access to all programs, services, and opportunities for success. 
If your student is experiencing a challenge, the following are some resources that may be helpful to suggest. 

Academic Resources on Campus

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Learning Assistance Programs

Offers academic coaching, consultations, peer tutoring, group study sessions, workshops, and other learning resources. Located in Lemieux Library.

student in the writing center

Writing Center

Supports students, faculty, and staff with any stage of the writing process. Located in Lemieux Library.

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Math Lab

Math Lab provides FREE math tutoring for Seattle U students in lower division Math courses from Math 1000 to Math 2340, including UCOR 1200. These sessions are usually available on the 2nd floor of Lemieux Library.

Emotional Wellness Resources on Campus

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Counseling & Psychological Services

Provides short-term individual psychotherapy and offers support with off-campus referrals for students who require specialized or ongoing care.

Mass of the holy spirit gathering

Campus Ministry

A welcoming and affirming space for all identities and religious or secular beliefs. Students may schedule confidental one-on-one conversations for pastoral care. Located in the Student Center.

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An app that provides free 24/7 access to physical and mental health care providers. Services include 12 free counseling sessions per academic year. Tech support for the app is available at the Wellness & Health Promotion office in the Student Center.

Additional Links and Documents

Resources from on- and off-campus that may be particularly helpful for you as a parent or supporter.

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