Applying for Accommodations

For students requesting academic, housing, and/or meal plan accommodations for the first time at Seattle University.

Applying for Accommodations

If you are requesting academic, housing, and meal plan accommodations for the first time at Seattle University, you’re required to complete a New Student Application and meet with a DS director before receiving services.

Law Students: Please find information here, unless you are also enrolled in courses outside of the Law program.

Step 1: Complete an online application 
Documentation is not required to submit an application, but will be needed later.

Click here to apply online

Documentation Guidelines

Step 2: Schedule an Access Planning Meeting 

Once your application has been processed, contact the DS office to schedule an Access Planning Meeting. If additional information is needed, we will contact you regarding next steps.

An Access Planning Meeting (APM) is a meeting between you and a DS director. During the meeting, you’ll share the barriers or challenges you face due to your disability to help the director determine which accommodations you may be eligible for. An APM must take place before you can be approved for accommodations. 

General Guidance

Know that it could take 1-5 weeks to get started with Disability Services. This is due to several reasons, including but not limited to: the nature of your accommodation requests, the documentation submitted, and appointment availability during peak times of a quarter. Accommodations are not retroactive, so planning ahead is important.

  • Newly admitted students

    Start this process once you have confirmed admission to SU.

  • Currently enrolled students

    Contact DS as soon as possible once you identify a barrier and/or need.


We are here for you

We're happy to answer questions you may have about Disability Services or accommodations at Seattle University.

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