Community Resources

Local and national resources that may be particularly helpful for your disability-related needs.

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The following resources have been updated as of Summer 2023. Make sure you contact practitioners and organizations directly to confirm information, such as availability and pricing. 

For assessment and/or documentation of a medical or mental health concern, it may be quicker and less expensive to go through your health care provider if you already have one. 

ADHD & Learning Disability Evaluations  

The list below identifies clinics and psychologists in the area who conduct evaluations for ADHD and/or learning disabilities.    

Mental Health Counseling & Therapy 

The list below identifies care providers who offer counseling and therapy services, but who do not conduct psychological evaluations. Some providers may specialize in counseling adults with ADHD to manage concerns and develop skills and strategies.  

Services available in over 40 languages. Most services are free or sliding scale based on household income and family size. ACRS also accepts many forms of insurance. 

  • HealthPoint 
    Multiple Locations 
    (866) 893-5717 
    Provides a sliding scale fee based on household income and family size. 
  • Sea Mar Community Health Centers 
    Sea Mar Community Health Centers 
    Multiple Locations 
    Accepts most insurances, including Medicaid. When insurance is not available, Sea Mar offers a sliding fee discount determined by household size and income. Services available in English and Spanish. 
  • Sound (Formerly Sound Mental Health) 
    Sound Young Adult Services - Seattle 
    Specifically for young adults ages 18-28 and serves the student population in proximity to Seattle University and Seattle Central College.

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