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What does a typical MSBA student look like?

Students pursuing Albers' Masters in Business Analytics are interested in identifying complex business problems in terms of analytical models, developing solutions for them, and translating the results into actionable recommendations.

Below are some infographics that show the makeup of our Fall 2020 cohort. One question we often get: Do you need a bachelor's degree in statistics, engineering, or a science field to apply? As you will see from the word cloud showing undergrad majors, our students come from a variety of backgrounds, with majors ranging from analytics to public policy to even music.

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MSBA age range

2020-21 MSBA age range

MSBA gender distribution

2020-21 MSBA gender distribution



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2020-21 MSBA work experience

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Undergraduate Majors

2020-21 MSBA undergrad majors word cloud