Degree Requirements


From Seattle University's 2018-2019 Graduate Catalog
All required and elective courses are 3 credits, unless indicated otherwise. Courses taken to satisfy prerequisites do not count for any credits toward graduation.

45 credits to completion:
36 credits of required classes
9 credits of electives

I. Preparatory Coursework

Prerequisites to be satisfied before starting the program:*

Co-requisites to be satisfied before program completion:*

  • Basic Marketing
  • Micro Economics
  • Introduction to Finance
  • Introduction to Financial Accounting (e.g.: Successful completion of ACCT 5000 at Seattle University)

Download the MSBA Prerequisite Guide document for online options for completing the prerequisites.

*Co-requisites listed above can be waived if a similar course has been taken elsewhere within the previous 3 years with a grade of B- or better, if the student can demonstrate competency by means of professional experience, a graduate or undergraduate degree in that field, or by passing an entrance exam.

II. Core Courses

(36 credits)

To graduate, students must take (or have taken similar graduate classes which are accepted for transfer) all of the courses below.

Course NumberCourse TitleCredits
BUAN 5210 Data Wrangling, Visualization and Communication 3
BUAN 5260 Mathematical Models for Decision-Making 3
BUAN 5280 Law and Ethics for Business Analytics 3
BUAN 5310 Statistical Learning 3
ECON 5100 Statistical Applications and Quantitative Methods 3
ECON 5300 Applied Econometrics 3
IS 5201 Programming for Business Analytics 3
IS 5305 Data Management in Business 3
IS 5315 Big Data Analytics 3
MGMT 5200 Boardroom Analytics 3


Course NumberCourse TitleCredits
BUAN 5510 Capstone Project in Business Analytics 6

III. Electives

(9 credits)

To graduate, students must take elective courses (or have taken graduate courses which are accepted for transfer as an elective) adding up to 9 credits. Choose three courses from the list below. Other graduate level courses may be accepted as well upon approval by the MSBA Program Director.

Course NumberCourse TitleCredits
ACCT 5110 Intermediate Financial Accounting I 3
ACCT 5240 Fraud Examination and Forensic Accounting 3
ACCT 5300 Financial Statement Analysis & Security Valuation 3
BUAN 5910 Special Topics in Business Analytics 3
BUAN 5950 Internship in Business Analytics 3
BUAN 5960 Independent Studies in Business Analytics 3
ECON 5107 Quantitative Microeconomic Analysis 3
ECON 5305 Economics & Business Forecasting 3
ECON 5330 Economics of Strategy 3
FINC 5050 Corporate Financial Management 3
FINC 5100 Investments 3
FINC 5105 Valuation of Derivatives 3
FINC 5120 Portfolio Management 3
FINC 5310 Financial Risk Management 3
FINC 5325 Real Options Analysis 3
FINC 5335 Hedge Funds 3
IS 5320 Web Analytics 3
MATH 5111* Probability for Data Analytics 3
MATH 5112* Mathematical Statistics for Data Analytics 3
MATH 5170* Discrete Mathematics for Data Analytics 3
MKTG 5305 Marketing Research 3
MKTG 5345 Social Media Marketing 3
MKTG 5350 Creativity and Innovation 3
OPER 5310 Project Management & Control 3
SEGR 5300* Data Architectures for Analytics 3
SEGR 5310* Data Mining and Analytics 3

* Offered in collaboration with the College of Science and Engineering