Pre-Fall 2022 Degree Requirements

Degree Requirements from Seattle University's 2022-2023 Graduate Catalog.

54 credits to completion

27 credits of required classes
27 credits of electives

I. Core Courses

27 credits. 22 of the required core credits are offered in 2 tracks.

The Seattle University PMBA Core is focused on developing managers who can navigate complex situations to solve business problems, recognize (or create) opportunities, and think holistically about business challenges—with concern for people, processes, and technologies.

Seattle University Professional MBA Core Class Methodology:

We designed the PMBA core curriculum in close collaboration with the Albers Industry Advisory Board, which emphasized the importance of integrating various business disciplines to solve complex business problems. Almost all traditional MBA classes and core curriculums at other universities are discipline-focused (courses in accounting, marketing, human resources management, etc.); but, in contrast, our core classes combine at least two different business disciplines, involve multiple professors, and are organized around solving particular business problems.

Core Class Logistics:

In addition, we have split the core into two different tracks: the Behavioral Core (Management, Ethics, and Leadership) and the Analytical Core (Accounting, Finance, Statistics, etc.). Students can either take the two core tracks simultaneously or take the Behavioral Core first followed by the Analytical Core. The Core starts twice yearly, in fall quarter and again in spring quarter. Core classes are not offered during the summer.

The core classes are cohort-based, meaning that students move through the three courses together. This enables students to build close relationships with one another and to build a network in the Seattle business community. Because of the cohort model, students take the core classes on the same night for three quarters; so, for example, you would take behavioral core classes on Wednesday nights fall, winter, and spring quarters.

Behavioral Core

(10 credits)

Course NumberCourse TitleCredits
MBA 5205 Teams, Leadership and Decision Making 4
MBA 5210 Building Internal and Community Stakeholder Relationships 3
MBA 5215 Creating Value Through Marketing and Operations 3

Analytical core

(12 credits)

Course NumberCourse TitleCredits
MBA 5000 Professional Quantitative Analysis Development 3
MBA 5220 Enterprise (Business) Financial Performance Analysis 3
MBA 5225 Delivering Growth 3
MBA 5230 Managing Risk 3

Each module is offered as a cohort and takes 3 or 4 quarters to complete. They can be taken simultaneously, which is preferable, or separately. (If taken separately, you must start with the Behavioral module.)

Additional Required Classes

(5 credits)

Course NumberCourse TitleCredits
MBA 5235 Professional & Interpersonal Communications 1
MBA 5240 Career Planning & Development
Recommended to be taken in year 1 or 2

Capstone: Applications in Strategy
Capstone may only be taken in the last nine credits of a student's' program. Choose one of the following three options:

  • MBA 5500: Competitive Strategy
  • MGMT 5340: Business Consulting
  • Independent Study manifesting appropriate depth and breadth as determined by the Program Director

II. Electives


Note: Students must complete MBA 5000, 5205, 5210, 5215, 5220, 5225, and 5230 prior to advancing to electives unless otherwise approved by the Program Director.

Electives include:

  • Approved Elective in Global Business (3)
  • General Electives (24)

You may choose from a wide variety of Electives by Discipline to satisfy your 27 elective credits. This is your chance to customize your MBA by specializing in a particular area or taking classes across disciplines for a more general graduate program. If you choose to focus on a particular area, you have the opportunity to earn one within the 54 credits to enhance your MBA.

Currently, the graduate certificates offered at Albers are in accounting, business analytics, finance, global business, innovation & entrepreneurship, leadership formation, marketing and risk advisory and assurance.

Professional MBA Program Duration

  • Part-time MBA students taking 2 courses per quarter can complete the program in 9 quarters.
  • Full-time MBA students taking 3 classes per quarter can complete the program in 6 quarters.