Rubiná Mahsud, PhD

Rubina Mahsud

PhD, SUNY, Albany
MPh, SUNY, Albany
MS, Social Sciences, University of Birmingham
MD, Jinnah College, Pakistan

Program Director, Global Business
Professor, Department of Management

Phone: 206-296-2015

Building/Room: Pigott 429

Teaching Areas

  • Strategy
  • Strategic Leadership
  • Global Business Integration
  • Boardroom Analytics

Personal Bio

Rubiná Mahsud joined Albers in 2007. Prior to Albers she held a visiting professor position at the Tobin College of Business Administration at St. John’s University, New York. Dr. Mahsud teaches in the areas of competitive strategy, blue ocean strategy, and leadership. Her recent work submitted to Strategic Management Journal tested a central issue in strategy: Why do some firms perform better than others? Her work specifically looks at strategic leadership actions in terms of policies, programs and systems with regard to firm level efficiency, innovation, and quality of human resource strategies resulting in a firm’s overall effectiveness. This is the first empirical research involving Fortune 500 companies to test how the three performance determinants jointly affect the financial performance of a firm. Her other research is in the area of institutional responsibility, and blue ocean strategy.