Interdisciplinary Arts - Photography

Interdisciplinary Arts (BA)

Photography Emphasis

The Department of Art and Art History offers an exciting and unique opportunity for interdisciplinary study in the arts. While the emphasis track is specific to photography, this program requires students to take courses outside the chosen field; students are encouraged to explore the endless possibilities that exist between photography and other art forms. This unique degree is an excellent alternative to the BFA program.

An Interdisciplinary Arts major with a Photography Emphasis requires 60 credits, including:

  • ART     1000 Design and Color (5 credits)
  • ARTH   2120 Survey of Western Art II (5 credits)
  • ARTH   3420 History of Photography (5 credits)   
  • PHOT  1600 Black and White Photography Seminar I (3 credits)
  • PHOT  2600 Black and White Photography Seminar II (3 credits)
  • PHOT  2650 Introduction to Video Art: Experiments in Moving Image (5 credits)   
  • PHOT  3000 Advanced Video Art: Complicating the Moving Image (5 credits)   
  • PHOT  3600 Light Control for Photography (5 credits)   
  • PHOT  3650 Business of Photography (5 credits)   
  • ART    4850 Contemporary Practices and Portfolio (5 credits)   

In addition to the 46 credits of specialization courses, choose the remaining 19 credits, for a total of 65, in any combination of ART, ARTH, ARTL, ARTD, MUSC, PHOT or THTR. In consultation with the student’s advisor, 10 of these credits must be from a discipline other than photography (PHOT) and 10 must be taken at the 3000-4000 level. (see Course Descriptions).

5 credits from the following may count towards the elective requirement:

  • FILM 3400 - Filmmaking I
  • FILM 3420 - Filmmaking II
  • FILM 4400 - Filmmaking III
  • FILM 4420 - Narrative Filmmaking
  • FILM 4450 - Documentary Filmmaking


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Aly Bedford
Academic Program Coordinator

Stefanie Fatooh
Director of Arts Programming