Call for Papers

Updated Deadline: August 30, 2020

In Saying What We Mean, Gendlin leaves for us a collection of intriguing enactments of this embodied thinking, with essays ranging across the spectrum of his adventurous thinking.  Though all paper proposals working with Gendlin’s thought are welcome, we particularly solicit investigations into the four main themes of Saying What We Mean:

  • Phenomenology of the Implicit
  • A Process Model
  • On the Edges of Plato, Heidegger, Kant and Wittgenstein
  • Thinking with the Implicit

About the Conference

In this symposium, advancing the work of Eugene Gendlin, we invite you to explore the implications of Gendlin’s posthumous collection Saying What We Mean: Implicit Precision and the Responsive Order (2018). This extraordinary collection, edited by Edward Casey and Donata Schoeller, brings together a series of essays demonstrating Gendlin’s creative and insightful ability to balance conversations across a wide range of voices in philosophy and psychology.  We are delighted that Dr. Schoeller will be one of our featured speakers.

Gendlin had a unique capacity for thinking “at the edge” of conceptual formulations. He was able to discover, in words and concepts, an evasive connection between idea and experience. Gendlin sought to open up phenomena by exploring ideas that can only be thought in the mode of embodied practice.  Gendlin’s hope was that he might awaken an appetite in his readers, a yearning to understand how “the experiential side always exceeds the concepts.” In this regard, Gendlin invites expansive efforts to explore embodied thinking and experiencing.

Illustration showing Dr. Eugene Gendlin


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