Winter Break Policy

All Seattle University residence halls close during winter break. Students are required to leave the residence halls for the break unless approved by the Housing and Residence Life office to remain on campus. A list of students approved to reside in the residence halls during the break will be provided by Housing and Residence Life to Public Safety and Facilities.

Students not approved to remain in the buildings during the break are not permitted access to the buildings during the break, except in the following emergency circumstances:

  • Death of a student's family member or relative and the student needs access to obtain personal items needed for the funeral.
  • Death of a student and the family need access to remove personal items from the room.
  • Medical Emergency:
    • Student needs medications or medical device left in room
    • Student has been hospitalized and family needs access to personal items in the student's room
    • Student is missing and the family needs access to obtain personal items.

Student requests for access to the residence halls should be directed to Housing and Residence Life. All requests for access for non-emergency reasons will be denied.

A student may request approval to stay for all or part of winter break by completing the Early Arrival/Late Departure/Winter Occupancy Request Form through the myHousing Portal. This form must be completed and received by Housing and Residence Life by 4:30 pm on November 15.

Only approved students will be granted housing during this period. Approved students consist of:

  • Approved critical student employees who work for SU departments
  • Approved student athletes with obligations during break periods
  • International Students
  • Approved individuals who have been granted exception through the Housing office
  • Juniors and seniors with academic or internship requirements that will be assisted by staying over the break

Completion of this form does not guarantee your request will be honored. Approval to stay for part or all of winter break will be granted on a needs basis only.

Housing during breaks is a privilege. If a student is found in violation of any University policies during this time the student will be asked to leave the residence halls for the duration of break. Additionally, any incidences will be documented and entered into the university conduct system.

Other Break Periods

Students are allowed to remain in their rooms over the following breaks: Thanksgiving, Spring and Easter (see Important Dates). Please check your SU email and speak with your Resident Assistant (RA) for specific instructions prior to the aforementioned breaks.

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