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Residential Requirement

As a residential campus committed to the education of the whole person, the residential experience is considered an integral part of a student's education. Research over the past 50 years shows that students who belong to a campus residential community have a more productive and more satisfying college experience than those who live off campus. Students who live on-campus are more likely to:

  • Take full advantage of campus resources
  • Be more involved in campus activities and educational programs
  • Take more credits per quarter
  • Achieve greater academic success
  • Persist to graduate at a higher rate
  • Be more satisfied with their overall university experience

All undergraduate student who fall into any of the categories below are required to live on campus and purchase the Residential meal plan for the full academic year.

  • Freshmen or Sophomore and under the age of 21
  • First or Second Year SU student and under the age of 21
  • Within two years of high school graduation date as of first day of fall quarter classes, and under the age of 21

If student status (class year, age etc.) changes during the academic year, they will not be released from this housing requirement until the following academic year. The summer quarter is not included in the residential requirement.

If a student wants to request to be excused from living on-campus, the student will go through the Housing Exemption process.

What Every Student Should Know

Your Housing Agreement, a contract, spells out what we will do for you and what you agree to in return. Once you sign it, the contract is legal and binding and cannot be broken except in very specific situations.

The is legally binding adjunct to your Housing Agreement. Signing your contract signals your agreement to abide by the rules, policies and regulations.

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